La Femme - Moonstone, Herkimer Diamond, and Karma Necklace

La Femme - Moonstone, Herkimer Diamond, and Karma Necklace

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A lovely combination of a white Moonstone point, a sparking Herkimer Diamond, and an oxidized Vermeil Karma tag. 14K gold-filled chain. Adjustable from 16.5-18".

Karma means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual. A great reminder.

Moonstone is a master healer for women; it brings soothing, healing, calm energy and helps regain your power and inner balance. If you wear your moonstone often, you will also start receiving insights into how you are mistreating yourself, and how to learn to love and heal yourself. It can bring insights into the powerful mysteries of true female power and the essence of all healing.

Herkimer Diamond helps the wearer tune into the energy of other gemstones, and raises your consciousness.