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Santorini Lapis Bracelet

Lapis Lazuli Evil Eye Bracelet

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Stretch bracelet of lapis lazuli with a 14K vermeil evil eye charm. Gold-plated ceramic Greek traditional beads accent this instant classic. Fits a woman's small-ish wrist well; contact us for additional sizes. 

Two bracelets pictured, but sold individually as ONE piece. 

Lapis Lazuli symbolizes wisdom and truth. It purportedly stimulates the desire for knowledge, aids learning and comprehension, and enhances memory and intellectual ability. As it also helps with communication, Lapis Lazuli is known for deepening relationships and creating harmony. The Evil Eye is a talisman that has been used in cultures worldwide for thousands of years to ward off curses and "bad juju".

"This one really epitomizes my 2015 visit to Santorini." - Angela